✶Ex-Libris comissions are open! ✶

Hello everybody! I’m happy to anounce that I’m oppening custom comissions after a long time. For those who may not be familiarized with this kind of illustration, Ex-libris are decorative labels who identify book ownership with a motif who relate to them (in my case, the jackalope which you can see in the end of my homepage). I think of it as a very especial thing, since books tend to be a very intimate space, and marking them with a symbol, which represents some aspect yourself, be it accurate or not, is another way of telling the people who open them something about yourself or your worldview, letting them imagine what kind of stories did you like or what personality trait you wanted to point the most.

At first, i’m offering two different types of commission: a more simple and smaller one and another bigger and detailed, as the examples below:

You can find the details for ordering in my shop (https://catarinecandido.minestore.com.br/ where you can also find plenty of other merch) or e-mail me your ideas via catarinecandido@gmail.com, I’ll be wainting for them!

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